Il Cuore Innamorato

Una breve poesia trovata in rete di Jermainer Carter. Non un famoso autore, nessun versetto altisonante. Una persona a noi sconosciuta che ha raccontato la nostra storia in un altro paese, in un altro tempo, con le sue parole.

“Il suo cuore è ancora innamorato di una vecchia fiamma”.

I pass by it everyday after school,
and i see my dad’s old car sitting in the drive,
i has cought some rust,
and the tires are worm and flat.
the windshield is cracked
and you can see through the bottom floor,
and flowers are growing out of it,
then i went to my dad and asked why,
why do you keep holding on to a old car,
he turned and smiled,
he said son, the memories…..

the memories of an old life,
that has taken hold,
alas it is but an old car, but somethings are still gold

and then i realize,
his heart is still in love with and old flame.



Mood: Giacomo Ligas
Fotografia: Giacomo Ligas + Riccardo Bartalucci
MUA: Debora Tempesti

Modella: Alexa Funghi

Poesia: Old Car Poem